Also known as bee balm or bee glue, propolis contains more than 70 different substances. 30 different kinds of resin and balsams, which are gathered from trees and processed by bees’ salivary glands, account for approximately 55% of propolis. It also contains ca. 10% of essential oils, 5% of pollen and 30% of beeswax as well as flavones, flavonoids, different organic acids, aldehydes (vanillin), etc.


In addition, all kinds of propolis contain cinnamon acid, caffeine acid, benzoic acid and ferule acid which fight bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Propolis can be used as a local anaesthetic and is traditionally known as a home remedy which eases inflammations, defeats toxins and so on. It can be used to heal sour throats, bronchitis, herpes, stomach and duodenum ulcer, inflammations of the digestive track, paradontosis, burns, skin damages, and abscess.

Propolis is mostly known for its tincture but it can also be purchased as granules, powder, capsules or pills.

For stomach treatment it can be consumed 5-10 times a day with a glass of tepid water or juice. In case of oral cavity and throat treatment, it is recommended to take it with a sugar cube or a spoonful of honey. To prevent health problems, it is recommended to consume propolis for 4-6 weeks at least twice a year.


A 15ml bottle with a pipette


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