Surprise your beloved ones with something different, sweet, healthy and authentic Slovene! Honey gift sets are the right choice for every opportunity.

Our sets are especially suitable for business partners, but also friends and relatives. We offer a wide range of personal gifts at good value. We invite you to come and visit us in our store or send us an e mail to


Gift Set Exclusive
Set dried fruit
Set Medomix
Set Mead
Handmade wax candles


Gift set MINI: 2x 120g jars of different kinds of honey and a wax candle

Gift set MIDI: 2x 250g jars of different kinds of honey and a wax candle or tea

The biggest gift set MAXI consists of a 0.375l bottle of mead, 250g jar of honey and a tasting glass or a wax candle

Gift set Exclusive: a special gift set can be customized to your wishes.


Gift set of dried fruit in honey: for gourmets and those who need a lot of energy; sold in a 230g gift box


Gift set Medomix Super: for general well-being, activity and strong immunity, especially during flu and colds season

Gift set Mead – 0.375l bottle in a gift box

We also offer handmade wax candles produced from 100% virgin beeswax. They come with different motives and in different sizes. Wax candles have a pleasant smell which resembles the smell of honey.

It is interesting to note that vax candles were used by ancient Romans to treat respiratory problems. In particular, it was believed that aromas released by a lit candle had positive effects on the respiratory system.

Honey can be a wonderful gift on its own, especially in a gift package. We offer boxes in various sizes.


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