The third generation of our family lives closely connected to bees. My mother’s father Ivan was a beekeeper, but we set the beginning of Beekeeping Pislak Bali around 1946, when my father, a legendary Slovene beekeeper Janko Pislak bought his first swarm of bees. He was twelve years old at the time and he bought it with the money he got for his confirmation.

Nowadays our beekeeping is run by my husband Robert and me. We have about 2600 beehives, which are placed at various locations: from Pohorje mountain through Dravsko polje, over the Haloze hills to the Croatian border.

We continue my father’s work with respect and love, while introducing new insights from science and beekeeping technology.

At the beginning we were oriented mainly in the production of honey. In the last decades we have conquered the technology of breeding quality queen bees of the Carniolan Bee breed (Apis Mellifera Carnica or kranjska sivka) which are known throughout Europe, and in extraction of the royal jelly.

Today we run the largest beekeeping in Slovenia and one of the biggest in the EU. To our customers we offer honey, queen bees, royal jelly, beeswax and other bee products.

We are well aware of the meaning of a qualitative product that we offer to the consumers. Therefore we introduced regular control in the production of honey, royal jelly and pollen HACCP. We also have a small laboratory that allows us to supervise the main parameters which are the indicators for the quality of honey.

There is a doctor of veterinary medicine and a beekeeping master (Imkerschule Graz) permanently employed in our company.

In 2013 we have passed successfully the quality control testing of our honey and earned the right to use the label » Slovenian honey of the SMGO geografical origin«.

Adela Pislak Bali



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